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SPRINT® is one of the unique composite technologies developed by SP. Not just a product range but a whole philosophy, it encompasses the way the composite materials are manufactured and processed. The result is a patent-approved, award-winning product range, which offers exceptional finishing and performance properties.

SPRINT® materials consist of a layer of fibre reinforcement either side of a precast, precatalysed resin film, with a light tack film on one face. Unlike conventional prepregs, SPRINT® fibres remain dry and unimpregnated by the resin until the curing process. This gives SPRINT® materials their outstanding breathability, and achieves autoclave quality laminates from vacuum bag processing.

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is a hot melt, award winning SPRINT® matrix, which produces an excellent laminate quality with low bleed. It is Diuron-Free for improved health and safety, and also has low exothermic properties with zero volatile/solvent content. ST70 is ideally suited to the manufacture of thick sections and can be used for rapid manufacture of components through its 25 minute cure at 120 oc
  download ST70


is a toughened, hot-melt epoxy resin that offers an extremely good balance of mechanical properties. It has been specially formulated to maximise the outlife of SPRINT® products at room temperature, and is ideal for structural components where improved impact performance and resistance to microcracking is desired. ST95 has good tack, is drapeable and conformable and enables fast layup to produce an excellent laminate quality.
  download ST95

ST94 Single Sided SPRINT

The single SPRINT® is the ST94 system, which is a toughened, hot-melt, epoxy system offering a good balance of mechanical properties. It is made up of a single layer of reinforcement fabric plied against a resin filmed paper. The resin film has been formulated to give an ideal tack level at workshop temperature, and although moderately tacky, ST94 can be repositioned once in place without disturbing the underlying single SPRINT® layers. It is ideal for vertical surfaces, as well as structural components where improved impact performance and resistance to resin microcracking is desired.
  download ST94

SF Surfacing Materials

SP have a range of surfacing materials specific to a number of applications, for use with the SP prepreg and SPRINT range.  They are easy to lay up and provide a pinhole free finish with minimal finishing and fairing required.

The surfacing films are available at different weights, and are divided into SF70, SF80, SF95 & SF120FRS films.  There is also a fire retardant option available in the SF80 range.
  download SF80download SF80FBdownload SF80FROBLdownload SF95PFdownload SF95VHdownload SF120FRS  

SPRINT Core Materials

S-Core is a multi-layered moulding material consisting of a layer of polyester non-woven honeycomb material against a pre-catalysed resin film. The moulding material therefore has the appearance of dry reinforcement on one face and resin on the other.

S-Core is highly drapeable making it ideal for use in curved or complex areas where foams would be difficult to use, and tack on one face allowing easy positioning into the mould.
It also has a cured thickness of 4mm, making it ideal for bulking out laminates with minimal extra weight and cost.

S-Core is intended for use as a core material and must be accompanied by SPRINT laminate on both faces.
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