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Pre-impregnated materials (prepregs) are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. The resin systems in these materials react only very slowly at room temperature, giving rise to working times of many days to several months. The prepreg resins can only be fully cured by heating them to the prescribed cure temperature. The accuracy of the machinery used to combine the fabric or fibre with the resin system ensures that laminates produced from prepregs have more consistent and higher fibre contents than can be achieved by wet lay-up techniques. Furthermore, this technology allows the use of very tough and strong resin systems that would be too high in viscosity to be impregnated by hand.

          Conventional impregnation techniques dilute the resin system in a solvent, which is evaporated after impregnation in a drying tower. SP prepregs all use the latest solvent-free, hot-melt technology. This combines the prepreg resin system with the reinforcement using heat to reduce resin viscosity and pressure to assist resin impregnation. Besides producing a volatile-free product, the solvent-free nature of this process is far more environmentally acceptable than the more traditional ‘solvent tower’ process. Every prepreg product produced by SP is monitored on-line with sophisticated measuring equipment based around techniques such as beta-ray gauging. This gives the products their highly accurate and consistent resin contents.
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Curable at 70°C in thick sections
Available in SPRINT™ and Prepreg formats
Range of compatible 70°C curing products
  download SE70


Versatile high-strength prepreg system
Curable at 80°C in thick sections
Available in SPRINT™ and Prepreg formats
  download SE84LV


Heavey Weight Industrial Unidirectional Carbon
Ideal for Thick Sections, Minimal need for Debulking
Low exotherm, capable up to curing 120mm solid laminates
  download SPARPREG


Rapid cure using press moulding at 200°C
High Tg in excess of 200°C
Excellent mechanical performance


White spot free high clarity resin for cosmetic parts
Versatile, high strength prepreg resin system
Flexible curing options at temperatures as low as 85°C
  download SC110

WE91-1 / WE91-2

High flow epoxy resin matrix
Available with high (-1) and medium (-2) tack variant
Long ambient shelf-life - up to 2 months
  download WE91-1download WE91-2
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