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About fillers

Fillers are products used above and below the waterline to fill scratches, shape and prepare surfaces. They are also used for osmosis treatment.
Epoxy fillers are two-pack. They are solvent free and polymerize without shrinking.
For all work below the waterline it is absolutely essential to use epoxy fillers, because polyester fillers are not watertight : the water permeates a polyester filler film and causes blistering.
On metals and wood NAUTIX epoxy fillers should be applied after protective primers PA, PO, PE or HPE.
Once this operation is completed, we recommend another primer paint layer and an undercoat for finishing paints in order to obtain an even colour before starting to apply the finishes.


Mixing should be done on a smooth surface and left to rest for 10 to 20 minutes before use: the surface obtained is better than if the filler is used immediately after mixing. Sanding will also be easier.
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Nautix Watertight Epoxy Filler

Fast finishing solvent free watertight epoxy filler. Recommended to fill scratches, very easy to mix and to sand, can be used over and under the waterline.

Density: 1
Mixing ratio (by volume and weight) 1/1


Pack sizes: 250 ml - 2 L - 5 L – 30 L
Colour: light pink 

Download Datasheet

Nautix Blue Light Epoxy Filler

Light & solvent free finishing epoxy filler.

Density : 0.6
Mixing ratio (by volume and weight) 1/1


Pack sizes: 5 L – 30 L
Colour: light blue

Download Datasheet


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