Advanced Composites B.V.

“Supplying composite materials for products that must be light and strong and remain intact in all circumstances”  And because lightweight constructions must remain intact, the quality of materials and the knowledge about them are of great importance… Over the past 20 years we have been able to contribute to many developments and applications with our materials and our knowledge.  Vehicles (boats, cars, trains…), machines (robot arms, cranes…), equipment (MRI, X-rays, telescopes…), structures (bridges, balconies, architecture, tunnels…) and of course in the energy sector (wind turbines, tidal turbines…) . Innovations that pay for themselves in installation, usage and maintenance costs.

We strive to remain specialists in what we sell. We don’t like to say “we don’t know”, but we do act on it and investigate with the technical help of our suppliers!


You may ask us all about it....

NEW: Spabond 400 Series / 70 Degree Prepreg & Sprint!
  • Epoxy systems (laminating resin, injection resin, coatings, primers, putties, adhesives and special systems);
  • Reinforcement fabrics and layering (glass, carbon);
  • Biomaterials (bio-epoxy, flax fabrics and layering);
  • Prepregs & Sprint (pre-impregnated and semi-impregnated materials);
  • Core materials (Corecell (SAN), PVC, PET foams);
  • Vacuum materials (films, release films, combination materials, accessories);
  • Accessories (fillers, tools);

Core materials
Epoxy adhesives
Bio Composites
Liquid Epoxies
Prepreg & Sprint
Vacuum materials


We are happy to help!

Sometimes figuring out best suitable materials or the smartest solutions for a production is more work than actually producing. We are happy to search for you and think with you. And we are not so narrow-minded that we won’t tell you if it could be done better or smarter with other materials than what we have available. And of course we will support you where we can to come to an end product with these materials and qualities to match…

Do you have any questions? Call us!

+31 20 6652452


With all different names

Jaco Bouwmeester

Managing Director +31 20 6652452 soon in your area...
Involved with Bac2 since 2001, having worked with composite materials himself for many years in yacht building. “Composite materials are increasingly being considered for many innovation. Nothing is nicer than being allowed to contribute in order to realize succesful projects and products”

Jeffrey Steenman

Sales / purchasing / deliveries +31 20 6652452 Amsterdam
Working at Bac2 since 2017. In this innovative market, it is a sport to make sure with good oversight that no customer comes to a hold because materials run out. We strive to solve it quickly and get in a van immediately if necessary to help out....

Gina Latumaerissa

Administratie +31 20 6652452 Amsterdam
Working at Bac2 since 2001.
Available Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.
“...AS PARTNERS, BUILDING SUCCESS TOGETHER...” Good advice, anticipation with sufficient stock, fast deliveries, good appointments....


Send a message and we will be happy to help you!

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1095 KK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 6652452
+31 20 6652548
IBAN. NL 28 ABNA 0426748840
KVK. 34147576
Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday to Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 16:00


Epoxy Laminating systems:
Ampreg 30 / Ampreg 31 / Ampreg 36 /
Ampreg High Tg / Ampreg Pregel (TP)
Epoxy Infusion systems:  Prime 37 / Prime 37 high Tg
Epoxy Gelcoats:  CR 3400 sandable in-mould gelcoat
Foaming Epoxy:  Ampreg F230-II
Epoxy Tooling systems:  T-Prime 130-I / T-Lam 130
Epoxy Adhesives (Glue):  Spabond 5-minute / Spabond 730 /
Spabond 570Spabond 435Spabond 440 / Spabond 445 / Spabond 400FR/ Spabond 540 /
Spabond 540LV / Spabond 568 / Spabond 840HTA / Spabond 820HTA/
Multi Purpose Epoxy: SP 106* / Spacote 320* / Eposeal 300* /
Ampro / Ampro CLR / Ampro Seal
 * in Juni 2020 vervangen door Ampro
Multi Purpose Bio Epoxy: Ampro BIO
Epoxy Fillers Primers and Non-Skid Nautix HPe / Blue Filler /
Watertight Filler / 2K Antislipverf

Core materials: Corecell M-Foam / S-Foam
Kerdyn Green PET / Kerdyn Green PET FR / Gurit PVC / Gurit PVC HT / Gurit Balsaflex
Reinforcements: Vlas / Vlas Powerribs / Glas / Carbon – weefsels & legsels

Fire Retardant Materials Laminating resin:
Ampreg 21FR
Fire Retardant Materials Prepreg/ Sprint: ST 91FR / ST 130FR/ SE 130FR / SA 130FR / SF 70FR / SF 80FROBL
Prepreg: SE75 / SE84LV / SC110(T2) / WE91-1 / WE91-2 / WE92 /
SC 160 / Smartcure
Sprint (semi-prepreg):
ST90 / ST94 / ST95 / ST110 / WT93
Adhesive Films: SA75-90 / SA80
Surface Films: SF75-90 / SF80 / SF96 / SF95VH
Intensifier Paste: SP11100 / SP 4832 / SP 9435/ MP75-90
Syntactic Core: SY 110

Vacuum consumables: Vacuum bags (1,5 – 16M), Vacuum Tube, release film,
PTFE, Peel plies (50-1600mm) Distribution mesh (Infusion, veneer and  debulk prepreg), Tacky Tapes (80 – 200 grd.C.), Vacuum hoses and spiral, Vacuum connectors, valves, connectors, Flash Tape, Shrink tape etc.

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